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This is one of my favorite testimonials from Charlie, age 12

These reviews and testimonials have been taken directly from Yelp.


“I had never get done a phone reading and this was an amazing experience. Jennifer was a great medium to deliver messages she received from her sources. She was spot on with the information she was able to provide and so many specifics she mentioned were in line with what is actually going on in my life. I hung up the phone feeling positive, motivated, excited, and thankful for having information to support my current life direction and recent changes. Jennifer Is great! Highly recommend.” -- Lindsey M., Beverly Hills, CA


"Last year was the first time ever I had a reading when I met Jennifer at a retreat and thought I would just try it out. WOW! I had no idea how accurate it would be. Apparently my grandpa who passed a long time ago chimed in and she described him perfectly. Jennifer is so straight forward and modern and trustworthy. I felt that everything she was telling me was reassuring whatever I already knew inside of me which felt really good.Now I have proof of how accurate she is. In my reading last year she told me that I would be pregnant end of January/beginning of February of 2018. My husband and I weren't even really trying. And BAM, I conceived on January 31. How crazy is that? I was so surprised by this, I instantly booked my second appointment with her just recently. I had some questions for work that I had to decide on and talking to her really helped me to find the right answer for me and to feel good about it.  She (and her spirit guides) are very humorous. That day I talked to her I was having major pregnancy bloating and farting. Out of the blue she told me that her guides were kind of cracking up about my farting and that I shouldn't worry about it. I mean seriously, I obviously didn't tell her about it but she knew what was going on. I was also able to get all kinds of information about the pregnancy and be reassured about how to go on about work until the birth which took a big weight off my chest. I cannot recommend Jennifer enough!! I will always consult her for everything that I feel unsure about and need guidance with." -- Eva N., Los Angeles, CA


"She's great! I love her personality and her accurate reading!!! I'll definitely go back for more readings!  I've always been skeptical about this kind of thing but she's always right on as a psychic. In addition, not only does she help to fill in the holes that I have questions for, but she is also very attentive and easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor. On top of all that, she's also a great counselor. I have a lot of appreciation towards her and I wish I had a sister like her-- it would have been so nice to have someone like her to talk to. I would most definitely recommend Jennifer!"  -- Y.L., Los Angeles, CA

"Jennifer is very down to earth and personable. She had some real incite on my current situation and had provided good information that has been helpful guidance during a very tough time for me. Highly recommend her and will be working with her regularly. So glad I found her."

-- Jabari G., Maina Del Rey, CA


“Jennifer is outstanding, I wish I had a reading with her long long time ago. She didn't tell me what I wanted to hear but what she told was aligned with how my heart felt. That is why I knew she told me true.” -- Aline F., Redondo Beach, CA


“Jennifer is AMAZING! She was so insightful and easy to talk to. I was blown away by her. I highly recommend her for all counseling/readings. She truly has a gift.” -- Angela A., New York, NY


“JENNIFER IS AN AMAZING HUMAN BEING. After talking with her both times I've felt refreshed and had clarity on the topics we've spoken about. She is so easy to talk to and you can tell she cares so much. I can feel the connection with her even just over the phone. Talking with her feels like catching up with one of my girlfriends except she gives better and guided advice. I have spoken with psychics before but none top Jennifer. If you're reading reviews on here, honestly just book an appointment. Thank you Jennifer for being such a positive being.” -- Christine T. East Lansig, MI


“Wow!! Jennifer was absolutely amazing. The whole time I was on the phone with her, I felt like I was in a warm embrace and so loved. She helped me gain insight into my work endeavors and other areas of my life. She is so intuitive and absolutely so on point with everything she talks about. A master at talking to the spirit guides it felt so good to witness the connection and hear what they had to say. Thank you Jennifer. This experience was life changing to say the least.” -- Erica S., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


“I am so glad that I found Jennifer. She is the best and so incredibly precise. I have talked to a lot of different psychics and she truly has a gift. I have had several appointments with her over the phone. Book an appointment with her today.”-- Den K., Gardena, CA


“Jennifer is my go to! She has been spot on for me with my career, relocation and love advice. She puts my mind at ease any time I feel I'm at a crossroads. Her personality shines through and she will crack you up! She's genuine and so down to earth. She'll give it to you straight, no nonsense and she always calls right on time! I look forward to my readings with Jennifer, they always provide so much clarity.” --

Dianne V., Culver City, CA


“Jennifer is amazing!! I have had two phone reading with her now. When you talk to her it's like talking to one of your bestest girlfriends and she's so funny too! I inquired about my career and what was next for me. Jennifer and the amazing Spirits around her told me I would be getting a career in sales and in the computer software sales industry. Two months later I had a job interview for a sales role in computer software sales and got a job offer the next day. Jennifer makes you feel so comfortable on the phone that the minutes just fly by! Thank you so much Jennifer! You truly have a special gift. I'll be calling again soon!” -- Brittni P., Redondo Beach, CA


“Jennifer is L-E-G-I-T.  She's the real deal. So incredibly accurate without having to ask too many questions.  She is truly gifted. She was able to pick up on things that are deeply personal to me that NO ONE could possibly know.  Not to mention that her sense of humor is amazing! I just wished I had recorded my session but I forgot to do so...can't wait to get another reading from her.” --

Liz A., Santa Monica, CA


“JENNIFER is a Gem! I'm on my 2nd reading with her. Her first reading with me was spot on down to the dates.  She is friendly and a joy to talk with. She is definitely guided and gives clear, accurate and detailed information in a positive and comforting way! I believe JENNIFER is gifted from God. I'm grateful for her work and consistently recommended her to all I come in contact with. Give yourself the gift of insight. Take a chance. You will be so happy you did.” -- Karlene F., Marina Del Rey, CA


“My reading with Jennifer was absolutely amazing. She really helped to give me some clarity about my future career and gave me some great insight on important questions that I had about life. Everything she said made perfect sense and she definitely is very talented at what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone and down the line I would absolutely book another phone appointment with her again. Thanks Jennifer!” -- Holly F., Fresno, CA


“I have had two reading with Jenn, one in March 2018 and one in August 2018. A lot of what we spoke about isn't due to happen until 2019 and later. But the stuff she did bring up for 2018 has happened. My sister also had reading with Jenn and Jenn knew stuff about my Grandma and family that couldn't be guessed or looked up, etc... Both times I scheduled one hour sessions with Jenn and I am glad I did. She is so friendly and easy to talk to and non-judgmental, the time goes by fast and before you know it the hour is up. I will update this review in 2019 after more of her predictions happen. I highly recommend Jenn and will continue to use her services.” --Eileen T., San Mateo, CA


“Just had a reading with Jennifer, I so enjoyed it! She has a kick-ass sense of humor, and got a ton right about people I asked about, about my outlook, my mood, my past--the rest is TBD. But in the meantime, she used phrases I often use (like she pulled some info out of the air, for example, my recent thoughts about my local library as a work space, which I starting cracking up at, cause it was exactly the phrase I had used!)  She also has a woo-woo (read: departed) friend named Phil who also chimed in, she said--I was psyched about this, as he also read my situation correctly (thanks, Phil! More power to ya). I was bummed when Jennifer and I hung up, and know I'll try her again!” --Jbellee B., Compton, CA


“I had a wonderful reading with Jennifer!  She's funny, personable, and was able to pick up on some amazing things that gave me great insight.  It was almost like talking to an old girlfriend who had known you for a long time. She truly has a gift and was able to pick up energy from my grandmother who had just recently past away which was very emotional and eye-opening. Thank you Jennifer for bringing such positive light in my life, I can't wait to move forward and see what is in store for me.  It won't be long that you hear from me again.” -- Kathy T., Costa Mesa, CA


“45 minutes was not enough, I enjoyed speaking with her. I needed a little New Year guidance. She knew my current situation exactly and it was like speaking to a good, funny, girlfriend who has my back without judgement, but better because she understands my point of view on a different level than my actual friends. Although the information she had for me wasn't exactly the best news, or what anyone wants to hear.. it's what I needed to hear so that I can make the best decisions for ME. I'll call again once the dust of my current situation settles.” --Mel D., West Hollywood, CA


“I had a reading with Jennifer on Monday and it literally gave me goosebumps. Of course I read several reviews prior to booking with her and still I wanted to see if my experience would be the same...and OF COURSE it was. Jennifer was beyond accurate when she gave me insight into my boyfriend. She gave guidance on my relationship and I look forward to seeing how that unfolds. Jennifer also gave me guidance regarding my job and later life in which I will see how these things manifest.  Jennifer is authentic and genuine. She is very relatable and not at all intrusive. We laughed during my session. One of the things I appreciated most is that she asks your guardians for permission before she taps into their energy. Jennifer is awesome. Best of luck on your future experience with Jennifer.” --

Jazmin J., Long Beach, CA


“I just got off the phone with Jennifer for my reading.  She gave me a lot of clarity on some things that I was struggling with.  She nailed down what I do for a hobby which is "bikini competitor". This information could be obtained online, BUT what had me floored was when she described the guy I would end up with.  There's absolutely NO way she can know what my type is and what I am looking for, down to his personality, career field and body type. Too many possibilities to guess accurately. (Disclaimer: she's a psychic so of course she knows, but she could not have found that information out other than using her God-given abilities) I also asked her to connect with my grandmother (I was scared to do this, but turned out to be a blessing).  Jennifer knew that my grandmother died from an illness. That's when the tears began to stream down my face because I knew that my grandmother was present. Now, had Jennifer not been authentic I do not think a fake psychic would risk saying something about an event that ALREADY happened and risk their credibility. All I can say is CALL JENNIFER!!! She even was nice to give out a name of another medium that I could connect with. If Jennifer was not the real deal she wouldn't have done that either.  That goes to her character as a human being and shows her loyalty to individuals who are wanting to connect with their loved ones. Lastly, SHE IS HILARIOUS. It's like talking with a friend on the phone. It wasn't awkward or anything. She even shared some information about herself so it made it more conversational. Go into this with an open mind and heart. The answers you seek are there.” -- MJ J., Los Angeles, CA


“She's 100% the real deal. Correct on dates for several life changing events for me, my spouse and friends. I wrote everything down and checked her predictions off as they happened. Very gifted lady.” -- Trina J., Los Angeles, CA


“I have had several readings with psychics and several readings with mediums (who in my experience have been more accurate). Jennifer was by far the most intuitive and in-tuned psychic I've had a reading with. She was able to pick up on extremely accurate details with me offering very little information. While she didn't tell me everything I wanted to hear, she definitely didn't bullshit me.  She also has been the only psychic who has ever reiterated details from my readings with a medium. I am looking forward to more readings with her in the future!” --Jessica P., Marina Del Rey, CA


“Jennifer has a wonderful gift! It is so fortunate that her rate is reasonable so that someone like myself can afford. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. Talking to her is not only helpful but quite cheerful. Thank you so much!” -- M.K.Y., Los Angeles, CA


“I have been blessed with Jennifer. I am humbled and grateful to have had a reading with her. I spoke to her for the first time in April 2017 and again in July 2017 both times I was amazed with how much she knew and how accurate she was. I had a pressing matter that was consuming my thoughts. With Jennifer's help I feel stronger and am able to remove that pressing matter from my thoughts and move on. I have recommended Jennifer to my close friends and family. Thank you again Jennifer! I hope to speak with you again.” -- AP R., Torrance, CA


“Had a reading with Jennifer last week and it was extremely emotionally satisfying. I’ve never had a reading done before so the day of my appointment i was extremely nervous because i didn't know what to expect. I read so many positive reviews on her and about her not sugar coating anything which gave me some anxiety because who really wants to hear bad news? Going into it I prepared myself emotionally to hear anything good or bad but most importantly I just wanted truth and clarity in certain aspects of my life. Immediately Jennifer made me feel so much better, she is warm and kind, her personality exudes positivity which makes you feel like you've known her before. She made me grateful for my decision to see a psychic and really opened me up to trying new things. My experience with her was exactly what I needed. If you're interested in seeing a psychic book an appointment with her and/or go onto her website and read about her. I definitely will be using her again and hopefully will get to do an updated review some years from now.”  -- Rachel F. Lawndale, CA


“I simply cannot say enough about Jennifer. She was on point.  A bonus is that she's easy to talk to...more than a psychic. Like a friend. I would not only recommend her, I will be calling her again.” --

Erin B. Pacific Palisades, CA


“A good friend of mine recommended Jennifer for a card reading. I didn't hesitate  when she mentioned how great her reading was. I was floored when she mentioned details about me and the questions I asked. She was spot on, down to earth, and didn't hesitate to speak the truth. I was really happy with her honesty and humor. Highly recommend Jennifer and I will certainly be calling her again. I rarely give reviews on Yelp, but I had to write my review for her. You will NOT be disappointed!” --

Corrina R., Eastvale, CA


“This was my first time getting a reading and Jennifer made me feel extremely comfortable. She's also quite funny and easy going. She was very detailed and answered all my questions and immediately afterwards I felt very comforted and positive. I would definitely get a reading from her again and would (and have) recommended her to my friends.” -- Leanna P., Los Angeles, CA


“After some research I decided to do a reading with Jennifer. I could not have enjoyed the experience more! She is warm, funny, and very relatable.  This was my first time getting a reading and I have to say she had some specific details that clearly indicated to me that she is the real deal! I enjoyed how she explained everything and how the cards relate to what is going on in my life. I will read with her again and have referred friends.” -- Winona D., Los Angeles, CA


“Jennifer was right on the mark without any information from me. I was having a family issue and she didn't sugarcoat it...just told me what she saw and now 6 weeks later she was right. I also loved her sense of humor ... definitely doing more reading with her.” -- Rachel T., Los Angeles, CA


“Jennifer is very down to earth and warm. She and I did a phone reading and I felt really comfortable with her. She's very professional but reads clearly and explains what she sees in an accessible way.She also allows for questions and takes time to listen, while also offering clarification. She's intuitive and there wasn't any hocus pocus, just energy and evaluation of the cards. We had a 45 min reading, but she and I kept chatting a bit beyond that,exploring some other possible services she offers (at my request). I'm eager to try a mediumship reading with her in the future.”  -- Dayna D., Santa Maria, CA.


“When I connected with Jennifer it was as if I was re-connecting with an old friend. I felt immediately comfortable with her-- but it wasn't because she was all flowers and daisies telling me exactly what I wanted to hear. I truly admire and respect her honesty and candor in her reading with me. It was also really nice for me to get advice from her based on her own personal situations which made me feel even more open and closer with her which is very important to me when getting a reading. I felt she has very highly tuned psychic capabilities and an impeccable intuition. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.” -- Lexi G., San Diego, CA


“I've done many psychic readings and this was by far the most accurate. I did the 30 minute reading but I could've easily talked to her for an hour. She helped guide me in starting my own business and confirmed some concerns I had. I will definitely get another reading from her and highly recommend her.” -- Ry R., Los Angeles, CA

“Jennifer was not only insightful in my reading she is genuinely a caring and supportive person. I like her bluntness and honesty during my reading. I was so impressed i referred my friends as well. My best friend couldn’t stop talking about her perfect reading.” -- Arja A., Lawndale, CA

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