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Curses: Real or Fake?

They are both.

If I hear one more story of scam-artist charlatans who pose as psychics offering to “remove curses” for criminally ruinous amounts of money, I may flip. You do not need a curse removal, sweetheart, no matter what anyone tells you.

No disrespect to hoodoo rootworkers or witchiepoo friends who take seriously “doing work” on people, as it’s called. Rituals and spells with their visible, tangible aspects CAN empower people to drive home their magical intent. And curses and spells CAN work black magic against another person — but only, however, if s/he believes in the curse’s power.

Years ago, two experienced, talented psychic friends who practice ritual magic for their clients both (separately) informed me that someone had done some Santeria work on me. Each offered their suggestions as to which talismans to hang, what potions to sprinkle and their recommended incantations to perform to protect myself and my home. One even wanted to help me perform a “reversal” to return to sender the harmful curse energy so that he would suffer. I gave their advice some thought, but ultimately it did not sit right with me.

I do not feel comfortable using magic that has any negative intent behind it, and I certainly am not going to perpetuate a black magic energy war. Talk about bad karma. Besides, what goes around comes around. I’m certain that when you curse someone, that negativity comes back to you in droves.

Instead, I decided to trust in the Creator / Universe / Source Energy / God / that I was safe and no harm could come near me. Good old-fashioned prayers, for me, are way more powerful than voodoo dolls, broken mirrors, jars of potions, or black candles. I also prayed that God give the wrong-doer clarity and wisdom while he was asleep (so that he can most easily receive the message) that he was misguided in trying to harm me. I even forgave this man, because holding onto anger is going to hurt only me, not him.

They key to successfully battling someone’s negative intent is simply mind over matter. If you fear that a curse can harm you, it will. If you believe that YOU, with the help of the Divine, are immune to black magic because you have protection, then you are. Power belongs to the person whose will is stronger.

Know you are safe. Know you have divine love protecting you. Surround yourself in the white light of God. Call on your ancestors and guides. Mine tell me that they protect me more than I realize. I also call on my “big brother with wings” — Archangel Michael, the warrior. There exists a plethora of worldwide accounts documenting sightings of him in times and danger, and I believe that his power is real (which is probably why he is the patron saint of the military, firefighters, and law enforcement). Ask whoever / whatever makes you feel safe to always protect you. And don’t give in to worrying.

There, the curse is broken.

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