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Message from Spirit for a Client and Her Brother

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"Jennifer, you read me the other night and you got messages from my dad. One message for my brother was 'Rasta' so I wrote it down to tell him later. When I called him, he basically dropped the phone and told me he'd call me back. He sent this picture and called. It's been a few weeks since my father's death, and hearing about our call has completely changed my brother. Thank you so much. Wanted to share this with you."

A loved one in spirit will often validate that it's really them by using a word or phrase that makes no sense to me. On occasion, it makes no sense at the time to the client, either. That was the deal when I gave a mediumship reading to a nice woman who wrote the above note. I'm so grateful I could help her and her brother in finding some peace during their grieving. Please know, your loved ones have not abandoned you, and that a message from Spirit will likely happen if you are open to receiving it.

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