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Six Tips to Ensure a Great Psychic Reading

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Your role as the client impacts the reading you receive. Some suggestions to ensure that your session is a good one:

1. Be in a private place free of loud noise like music and sirens, and interruptions from pets and kids. Sitting in your car is fine, driving is not ideal. Please don't be doing dishes or laundry. Being distracted is disadvantageous for accurate readings.

2. Take 5 minutes beforehand to meditate or clear your mind from the flotsam and jetsam of your busy day. "I need to buy cat food," or "My personal trainer appointment is tonight, can't be late again," are not thoughts to focus on during your reading.

3. Have questions ready. The quality of my answers depend on the quality of your questions. Instead of asking "I'm at a crossroads, what do you see for me?" a better question is, "I'm at a crossroads. I have a high-paying job engineering job with benefits, but I really want to become a chef. Is culinary school a pipe dream or a feasible option for me at this time?"

4. Do not be hungover or under the influence of alcohol or substances. I cannot effectively tune into your energy unless you are sober. The more lucid you are, the clearer the information is that I receive.

5. Please don't play "Test the Psychic." My intention is to empower and uplift you by offering guidance, so if the information I relay to you makes sense, don't refuse to verify or insist I'm wrong.

6. Take notes or record our session with an app (many of my clients use"Automatic Call Recorder Pro" and "TapeACall"). It is impossible to remember all the details of a reading, and often information that doesn't resonate during the session will make sense later on.

Follow these tips, and your reading will be crystal clear.

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