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Unlocking the Mysteries of Pisces Season: A Guide to Maximizing Its Energy

The Sun is now Pisces. This is one of the most interesting times of year, on the grand scale of woo, because Pisces is the final, and perhaps most spiritually evolved sign of the zodiac and when the Sun occupies the house of the fish, it does affect us. The main rule for Pisces month is to remember is this metaphor -- put your own oxygen mask on first. You can’t help anyone else unless you’re in top form. Pisces Sun imparts us with a sympathetic compassion for others, but it can sometimes encourage self-defeating psychological syndromes ranging from doormat to martyr. Make sure you take precautions to take care of number one before you save everyone else. And not everyone wants or needs rescuing. Remember, people learn life’s lessons on their own terms and at their own pace. Step back and let allow them the freedom this experience.

It is important to find creative escapes during this Pisces season. Pisces’ ruler Neptune reminds me of Jackson Pollock. When he was on, he was genius in motion. When he wasn’t, he was

Pisces fish swimming in a starry sky

enduring alcohol-induced psychotic breakdowns. Let yourself go in the realms of music, art, poetry, movie-watching, solitude, selfless acts, empathy, spirituality, meditation, intuition, journaling, forgiveness, writings, mysticism, healing, praying, wellness, serenity, and trust in a divine source. If you don’t find a creative outlet, any issues that are currently nagging at you can take on a larger-than-life persona and affect you in negative ways -- namely by encouraging the bad habits of drinking and using drugs to escape.

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