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What does a Psychic Astrologer do?

I love showing someone a new perspective that has the potential to change his/her life. I’ve given thousands of readings over many years, and I believe that I’m pretty good at empowering others.

Higher wisdom is like a broadcast, and I’m a radio through which it is transmitted. My job is to convey this higher wisdom so that one may view her situation differently in order to thus become “unstuck.” Whether our proverbial crossroads originates from a dysfunctional relationship, from an unsatisfying career, or from self-sabotage, this process of getting “unstuck” occurs when we let go of fear, because everything we want is on the other side of fear.

We can all operate at a high vibration in order to live with less fear and more love -- of self and others. I help people release fear-based patterns and reclaim their divine self, worth, and purpose. My goal is to help others feel more hopeful and empowered. We are all intuitive but sometimes it helps having someone validate what is already a hunch, an inner knowing, in order to jumpstart that inkling into real self-empowerment. And when I empower someone, s/he in turn can help empower another. That's what we are here for -- service to others.

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