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Dowsing: A Great Tool for Your Psychic Toolbox

"I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, as a type of ancient superstition. According to my conviction this is, however, unjustified. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time."
--Albert Einstein, February 15, 1946, excerpted from a letter (via The Lost Art of Enochian Magic by John DiSalvo, Ph.D.).

I am big into dowsing and find it mysteriously accurate, especially for yes/no questions. I use my pendulum for readings. I use it in the supermarket to discern if something is fresh or not, or healthy for me or not. I've used it to find out the answers to all kinds of different questions.

Some believe that dowsing lets one open a channel of communication with other spirit beings and gain their assistance. Those who possess dowsing abilities have also been able to heal certain kinds of ailments.

How does dowsing work? Some experts believe that dowsers have the ability to sense the variation in magnetic fields caused by different substances. Being receptive to these changes, the dowser can pinpoint the location of the substance sought for by means of sensing where the difference occurs and to what degree. According to Einstein, the dowsing rod only depicted the reaction that the human nervous system experienced when exposed to certain specific factors. Still others believe that each and every object/ creation in this universe possesses an energy field or aura, and the dowser has the ability to tune into the energy fields of the objects they seek.

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