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Everyday Carry Crystals for Psychic Self-Defense

black crystals and gemstones

Every sensitive person needs an arsenal of protective rocks to keep on their person. Due to their precise vibratory structure, crystals have a precise vibratory rate that affects our vibration. Whether you feel drained by energy vampires (i.e. the needy, whiney, narcissistic, or incessantly-complaining), or you are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) like 5G and WiFi, the following stones are all useful to help keep you safely grounded.

Apache Tear - Transmutes negative energy

Black Obsidian - This volcanic glass protects from fixation, dark arts, and bad luck

Black Tourmaline - Also called Schorl, it reflects ill wishes, protects against negativity, psychic attacks, electromagnetic frequencies and geopathic stress

Hematite - Absorbs negative energy and creates a shield around the wearer. Hematite is particularly effective at blocking electromagnetic pollution from electronic devices

Jet - Clears internalized energies - especially for empaths

Shungite - A unique and rare mineral found in Russia that is renowned for its powerful protective properties. It's known for its ability to neutralize and absorb harmful EMFs, making it a popular choice for protecting against the harmful effects of modern technology.

Smoky Quartz - Cleanses negative energy; ideal for grounding

Snowflake Obsidian - Releases emotional and spiritual blocks, draws out stress and tension, and it blocks and transforms negative energy.

When using stones for your everyday carry, don't forget to occasionally cleanse them, either by smudging them with some sage, burying them in the earth, salt, or organic brown rice, or by running water.

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