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"I Can See the Light, But I Can't Get To It:" How to Help Lost Souls Cross Over Into the Light

Updated: Feb 21

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Sometimes those on the Other Side contact me in dreams to deliver messages to me or to their loved ones. I’m able to receive these messages in waking life, too. In one such instance, a man who passed away almost 30 years ago of a gunshot wound while he was high on heroin came through loud and clear. After coming through on several additional occasions to converse (and with eloquent, erudite conversational style, no less) he told me that, sadly, he had been unable to cross over.

Some souls stay earthbound due to feelings of fear, guilt, confusion, or worry. Some are emotionally unable to let go of a living person, either a loved one or one who wronged them. I  consider these souls to be ghosts, as opposed to those who cross into the light, who then become true spirits. 

I advised my new ghost friend, ”Just go into the light.” He explained, “I can see the light, but I can't get to it.” I couldn't fathom what he meant, and that night I dreamed that I was a light being with a dozen or so other souls traveling through the stars. We were all headed for a light in the distance, but as fast as we moved, it kept receding into the distance farther and farther away from us. When I woke up, I had a feeling that my ghost friend had caused me to have that dream.

I asked him if I somehow could help. I figured he might ask me to give a message to his daughter, who had been a toddler when he passed. Instead, his answer caught me by surprise: “Pray for me.” He assured me that prayers are very effective in helping lost souls cross over. So that night, I lit a candle prayed for him. 

Things were quiet for a week. Then he came through again. He seemed happier. He told me that the prayers had worked, and that for the first time, he was able to visit with his daughter who is now an adult. Although she had been unaware of her father’s presence, he visited her at her home and told me what she had been doing and that he liked her fiancé.

Originally, I was skeptical that my prayers had anything to do with my new spirit friend crossing over. Another medium, however, got a few messages from him, one being to thank me for praying for him because he was now peaceful and free, and that my prayers had been the catalyst. That was all the validation I need. I’m a believer

I’ve been researching books and articles about the process of crossing people over who are stuck on the earth plane due to deaths that are drug-related, suicidal, accidental, or wrongful. Sure enough I found a plethora of arguments that prayers actually do give departed souls the added strength to go into the light and finally toward whatever experiences are waiting for them. Essentially, prayers are our way of giving them love and our blessing to send them onto their new journey.

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