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Meet My Spirit Guides

I am blessed with an amazing team of guides. Some of these "Peeps on the Other Side" are relatives, like my sister, my maternal grandmother, and several crazy uncles from my dad's side. Two are friends, both no-nonsense Special Forces veterans who I met when they were still in the physical when we were coworkers in the Federal government. Neither were big proponents of"woowoo" stuff when they were alive, but they probably are now, haha.

Some guides have introduced themselves to me by coming through on their own accord. One woman, Farsana, lived in Pakistan. She was stoned to death when she eloped against her father's wishes. Another guide, Mo, is a woman who went missing on whose cold case I volunteered to locate her remains. She came through one night and stayed for hours, giving me grisly details about her disappearance and murder. She too became one of my guides.

I lived on Maui for years and fell in love with Hawaiian culture, learning their history and studying Huna spirituality/religion. Not surprisingly, I have a handful of Hawaiian guides who come through. Nalu first appeared in 2014, claiming to be a warrior who fought for King Kamehameha in the late 1700s. He was a a canoe rigger, he told me. I didn't believe him at first, thinking it might be a trickster spirit, until I Googled the supposed battle on Oahu that he had claimed to fight. Sure enough, there it was, the Battle of Nuʻuanu. The records of this historical event, unbeknownst to me, matched exactly the story's details that Nalu had relayed, specifically that the canoes landed on the south side of the island and the battle it took place on a “pali" (cliff). This experience gave me chills, to be honest.

On the morning of my mom's funeral, a new guide popped in to introduce himself. This was a Hawaiian musician whose music I loved, but again I was trepidatious about believing it was truly him. When I got back to L.A., a friend who is also a psychic medium told me that she had gotten a visitor who wanted her to relay a message. "I don't know his name, but he showed me a picture of him floating in the water. He was very heavyset, with dark brown skin. He played guitar or something like the guitar. He wants you to know he visited you. He was insistent," she noted. I was shocked. That was Iz alright. Because I hadn't believed him when he came to me, he went to my friend to validate that it really was him. He's one of my favorite guides, always positive, sweet and helpful.

My guides take turns coming through for different clients. Some come through sporadically, maybe once every month or two. Others, like my Special Forces friend, come through many times a week, always at the ready with jokes and chitchat (which is exactly how he was when we were coworkers). Interestingly, some come through only to help with specific issues, for instance, whenever a client is experiencing relationship heartache, as if that topic is their specialty and they can offer expert love advice.

When someone wants a mediumship reading, but the specific loved one whom they want to talk to doesn't seem available or is not able/willing to communicate at that time, my guides can help. I've discovered that they have the amazing ability to "gather intel" on the person in Spirit whom my client wants to know about. Pretty amazing.

Because I'm not a medical medium, I have no idea how to see inside someone's body to find out what might be physically wrong. When someone has a medically-related question, I ask my guides to take a peek, and they report back to me with what they have learned. This is probably the weirdest phenomenon to me. It's amazing the accurate details that they have provided clients over the years.

Without my guides, I wouldn't be able to do what I do. I don't know how they accomplish their feats and hopefully someday I'll better understand how it all works. I did ask them once how they come through. They explained that they use vectors, but when they went into detail, I felt like a kindergarten kid trying to understand Einstein explain the Theory of Relativity. In the meantime, I trust that they know what is going on from their wonderful perspective on the Other Side.

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