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“Is Your Pet Seeing Dead People?”

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Animals have psychic abilities that often prove much stronger than ours. In Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, world-renowned biologist Rupert Sheldrake writes that canines form a telepathic bond with their owners. We’ve heard stories of pets warning owners who are about to experience an epileptic fit. There’s Paul, the prophetic German octopus, who correctly predicted the outcomes of eight out of eight World Cup games. And there are plenty of anecdotes about animals freaking out or running away hours before an earthquake. Whether it’s heightened senses or precognition, animals have an uncanny ability to sense what we humans usually cannot.

Animals are also very tuned into spirit. They see and sense spirit more easily because they are unburdened by the jibber jabber of mind clutter to overwhelm their innate senses. They rely very heavily on using all of their senses. Moreover, they are blessedly relieved of our human doubt, which I believe is one of the main reasons they can see spirits. If you see your pet staring up at a corner of the room, or behaving strangely, perhaps they are using their innate ability to experience what we often can not.

I dog-sat my friend’s pit-bull, Dolly, one weekend while he was on a snowboard trip. This guy is a jiu jitsu black belting, pickup-driving, no-nonsense, man’s man military veteran and I was honored that he trusted me with his baby. He told me, “Bring her back to my apartment anytime Sunday night, but I’ll be home really late.” I took Dolly back to his place, intending to leave her to wait for his return, but she dug her claws into the hallway floor outside the apartment’s door, tucked her tail between her legs, and whimpered, refusing to budge. I tried to push her over the threshold, but when she panicked I knew better than forcing her against her will to stay alone, and took her back to my place. I knew this dog well and was puzzled at her odd behavior because it went beyond her not wanting to be bored home alone -- she was terrified. Before I left, though, I did a walk-through of his place in an attempt to find out why she was behaving strangely. The kitchen seemed fine, but when I entered the living room, my good mood changed abruptly for no reason. I felt sad, and then uncomfortable. But when I started to cry, I freaked myself out. I got flashes of a middle-aged man losing his arm in an accident. He was simultaneously angry and sorrowful. The room felt oppressive and I left immediately.

My friend called at midnight when he got home to an empty apartment, wondering why Dolly was still with me. I decided to spare him my creepfest experience, because I figured he would just scoff. Several months later, he moved out of this apartment into an identical unit just one floor above, which tipped me off that something was up. Perhaps he too didn’t like the feel of the place. Sure enough, he admitted that he had moved out because he was convinced that the place was haunted. He felt watched. A heavy framed painting above his bed fell off the wall for no reason, missing his sleeping head by inches. And Dolly once woke him up in the dead of night, barking at what he assumed was an intruder, but when he flicked on the light, clutching the bedside baseball bat ready to attack the assumed burglar, all he saw was Dolly, the hair on the back of her neck between her shoulders raised as she snarled at something invisible in the corner of the room. This incident, he told me, was the catalyst in convincing him that it was time to go.

If your animal companion is acting in an unusual manner, it is very likely that she/he is tuning into something beyond. Keep an open mind that there likely is a valid reason behind the behavior. If you are confused or if your pet seems troubled, however, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Together we can take a peek into your pet and figure out what they are trying to tell you.

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