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Ghosts, Spirits, and a Visit from Marie Laveau

Updated: Jun 19

marie laveau

Ghosts and spirits are both souls that no longer inhabit a physical body, but a ghost is a soul who remains here on the earth plane, whereas a spirit is a soul who has moved on to the Other Side and has begun a new life there. Spirits can visit this side and return to the Other Side at will. They are not stuck here. Ghosts, however, are. As a medium, working with spirits does not drain my energy, but ghosts do. If you feel that you have a ghost, be careful of welcoming it to stay. They are not all hearts and flowers. Some will refuse your offer to help them cross over and selfishly drain your energy to the point of illness.

Unlike ghosts, some spirits connect with those of us here on the Earth plane in order to help us and guide us. These spirits can often be "strangers" to us, not loved ones or ancestors who have passed, and I believe that they connect with us because we share something in common and because our energy resonates with theirs. They might recognize qualities in us that they too had when they were in the physical, and thus are drawn to our vibration.

Years ago, I met with a new client who invited me for breakfast at her home. As she cooked banana pancakes and bacon (nom!), I got a clear message for her from a spirit claiming to be Marie Laveau, who was New Orleans' most famous Voodou healer. "Tell her not to have the laser surgery," the spirit said. My mind raced. Was this really Marie Laveau? Sometimes tricksters come through, but this entity seemed benevolent.

During breakfast I debated passing on the message because its specificity might prove nonsensical to my client. I decided to tell her. Sure enough, she was debating having risky laser surgery. This client is a young African American woman who I sensed is very powerful psychically in her own right. I told her that Marie Laveau is, I believe, one of her guides stepping forward to help this young woman to develop her power. Ironically, about four years prior while in New Orleans for an astrology conference, I had made a point to visit Marie Laveau's tomb to leave a little trinket for her. This client has since asked me to mentor her, which I consider an honor. Incidents like this make me so grateful that I have chosen this path. I love what I do.

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